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It is most important for a fireplace / stove and the adjoining chimney system to be safe and fit for purpose, so if  any safety issues are recognised with the customers fireplace, stove or chimney, advice will be given.

If the room is not sufficiently ventilated or if the flue system is blocked by bird nests or a build up of soot or other material, dangerous gases can find their way into the rooms of the property.   Regular sweeping will prevent these problems occurring.

Our safety checklist :

The customer will be advised if these conditions are not fully met and recommendations can be made on how to solve any problems.

Sweeping Intervals …

The frequency of sweeping is down to the amount of use the chimney receives and the type of fuel being burnt. In general, fires burning logs or coal need sweeping more regularly than fires burning smokeless fuels.

A general guide…

Minimum once a year.

If fire gets used regularly throughout the year or high percentage of logs are used .. Twice a year.

If the fire is used 24 / 7….  Every 3 months.

Fuels to avoid…

Always avoid burning any wood that has been creosoted or painted as this will greatly increase the risk of a chimney fire.

Also avoid chipboard or plywood as burning these products will also raise the risk of a chimney fire or a chimney blockage,  due to the glue used in their manufacture.