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A Firewood Poem ……..

Beech wood fires burn bright and clear

If the logs are kept a year

Store your beech for Christmas tide

With new cut holly laid aside

Chestnuts only good they say

If for years it’s stored away

Birch and Fir wood burn too fast

Blaze to bright and do not last

Flames from Larch will shoot up high

Dangerously the sparks will fly

But Ash wood green and Ash wood brown

Are fit for a Queen with a golden crown

Oak logs if dry and old

Keep away the winters colds

Poplar gives a bitter smoke

Fills your eyes and makes you choke

Elm wood burns like church yard mould

Even the flames are cold

It is by the Irish said

Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread

Apple wood will scent the room

Pear wood smells like flowers in bloom

But Ash wood wet and Ash wood dry

A King may warm his slippers by.

A few basic tips for newcomers to wood burning and multi-fuel stoves :

 Lighting the fire ……

 Open all vents, bottom and top, even leave the door slightly open for the first few minutes to allow more air into the fire. Once the fire has taken hold, close the doors. Gradually add more fuel and once the fire is established, regulate the fire by closing the air vents. If burning wood only, the bottom vent may be closed completely with the fire being regulated by the top vent only. If burning solid fuel, the bottom vent will also need to be opened as coal and smokeless fuels need more draft than wood alone.


The Firewood Poem is broadly speaking, good advice. Ash, Hawthorn, Beech, Apple, dry Oak, all being good for burning as are other types of wood that it does not mention, but by far and away the most important thing to remember, is to have dry well seasoned wood , for two reasons :

Firstly - safety , unseasoned or wet logs tend to leave considerably more soot and creosote deposits inside the chimney that can obviously lead to a chimney fire.

 Secondly,  the fire will burn at a much higher temperature, giving more heat into the room if the logs are dry.

 Therefore an important thing to get right is ..


Log Storage…..

Whether storing logs that have been purchased as seasoned or kiln dried, or storing logs sourced by yourself,  having covered,  well ventilated storage is a huge advantage .

Split the storage into two sections - one half for stacking wood to dry and the other half for wood being used

Wood burner maintenance….

Keeping your stove in good repair is a must if you require it to perform well. Most of the internal parts to the stove can be replaced if needed. The rope seals, which are important for a correct air flow, do wear out but fortunately, can be replaced fairly easily and at a reasonable expense.

 The fire bricks, which can crack or wear out over time, can also be renewed, as can the throat/ baffle plate  and grate.

Helpful Youtube videos ….

Lighting a fire in a stove                       

General advice for using a wood burning stove